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We Serve British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Labrador, The Yukon Territories, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories

Our Mission

Our mission is to help others grow through their traumas while having the support they need to do so in a productive way.  

Everyone faces trauma, each in their own way. As we develop, these traumas can manifest in various ways ; and if it is nurtured in harmful ways, it can manifest as depression, anxiety, stress disorders and so on. 

It is our mission to create a safe and healthy environment to develop through the challenges of life.


~ Our mission is your mental wellbeing ~

Our Tenants and Values

We believe in healing through genuine connection. From Carl Jung's Person-Centered therapy, our counsellors are based in the practice of creating genuine, non-judgmental and honest connection - tenants we hold with high regard.  Through a safe and non-judgmental relationship, healing from trauma can begin.

We value the work that goes into the self and hold that standard to ourselves. Counselling can be difficult, frightening, saddening, disheartening - we get it, we've been there too. We know what its like to be on the other end, and it's important to us to help you process through these moments, and to let you know that you are not alone through these moments. At Impact Counseling Corp, we want to give you a standard of counselors that knows what you're going through every step of the way. 

How Counseling is Offered

We offer phone-counseling or digital video counseling

All phone and virtual services are completely confidential and secure, and in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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